Measurement systems

The power and efficiency of OMCG CNC bending machines can be further enhanced through the ability to seamlessly integrate with digital measurement systems that improve the set-up process of the part to be produced.

These measuring devices scan the geometry of the wire/tube part in a few seconds and detect the out of tolerance values. Thanks to a bidirectional and automatic data exchange via standard communication protocol, the corrections are immediately sent from the measuring system to the bending machine for the production of the revised part.

Another function is the "reverse engineering" process that allows you to scan a part whose dimensions are unknown, generate a 3D model and automatically execute the part program. The detected values ​​are sent to the bending machine for the production of the part which will be scanned by the device for the verification of conformity with the three-dimensional model.

Using a measuring system with OMCG bending machines provides the customer with an additional tool to reduce bender set-up and changeover times, reduce scrap costs and ensure a high-quality product produced in a stable process optimized for efficiency and productivity.