With Easy Programming 4
your project becomes reality

EASY PROGRAMMING 4 is the new OMCG three-dimensional graphic programming software for CNC bending machines for metal wire, tube and strip parts.

It is an intuitive and easy-to-use software, based on industrial fanless computers with SSHD and Windows 10 operating system. It makes the difference in terms of productivity and operational security, thanks to:

  • Drawing entry with: Cartesian method (XYZ), polar method (LRA) or import from STEP file
  • Simulation and anti-collision check.
  • 3D whole part programming
  • Real time part adjustment
  • Measurement system set up interface
  • Industry 4.0 interface
  • Tube processing
  • Robot integration
  • Multiple languages (8 languages supported)
  • Production lists management
  • Internal / external processing units
  • Preventive time
  • Maintenance module
  • Sensor stop

Constantly developing

Our technicians work constantly to improve software efficiency
by releasing continuous updates to our customers.